Non Slip Floor Tiles: Features and Uses

home hazardThere is no place on the planet as home, therefore it is to your advantage to always keep it as security for the family of yours as is possible. Notorious for being among the most typical home hazards is slipping and tripping because of damp floors, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. A method of stopping this and ensuring your family’s security is selecting the kind of tiles ideal for this matter.

Ceramic tile comes with one big downside – it is usually slippery, particularly when wet. Contemporary companies have succeeded to resolve the problem: an anti-slip tile that rapidly gained recognition among large developers and homeowners has surfaced in the range of tile materials. We realize the functions of the choice.

Non Slip Floor Tiles Information

Anti-slip tile is ceramic merchandise with a unique surface, which also when wet, gives a particularly good grip to leather or shoes (when walking barefooted).

The anti-slip outcome is attained by several methods:

By using notches, irregularities, and protrusions, developing help, somewhat rough surface.

With a unique covering that is put on to the polished side area of the tiles. Chemical compositions put on to ceramics develop a thin, basic film with little cavities working on the basic tenet of a suction cup.

Every technique enables you to improve friction and adds too much better elimination of extra wetness from the surface of the floor.


Non-slip cladding content has the nickname “Grip” on its package, which enables you to recognize and choose it when needed.

Furthermore, the whole range of anti-slip tiles is split into three categories:

Mosaic – solutions up to a hundred mm. When installing it, a huge quantity of the grout is utilized, which raises the co-efficient of the hold of the foot (with or with no shoes).

Regular – floor tiles with sizes not beyond 300×300 mm. For such products, along with roughness, they could develop three-dimensional designs, imitating a granular or pebble surface.

Porcelain floor tile that has a not glossy top. This kind of floor content is thought by far the most robust and secure, it may be utilized for facing inside and outside (for paving pathways or even facing steps).

Extent of use

Anti-slip cladding content has a broad range of uses. The majority of tiles are utilized inside or perhaps under sheds, however, there is an ideal for usage in spaces that are open.

Usually, anti-slip tiles are required when finishing:

  • showers; and bathrooms
  • hallways
  • terraces and balconies
  • summer kitchen area

As for the proper care of the covering of non slip floor tiles plates, it consists of routinely wiping the surface area with a damp cloth. Grease stains from such a floor could be quickly eliminated with the assistance of special cleaners, or perhaps with water with the inclusion of powder or even dishwashing liquid. To remove serious contamination, you can use a tough brush as well as household chemicals.