Our team is very much committed to keeping and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, security, and accuracy of your Personal Identifiable Information. When you entrust to us single personal information about you, know that it is well taken care of and will not be compromised.

Every action we take behind your computer screen is part and parcel of this commitment we vowed to make. Our Privacy Policy is anchored on this commitment which is overseeing and governing all the actions we make as they relate to the use, collection, utilization, and disclosure of your Personal Information. 

All aspects of our Privacy Policy are adhering and abiding by the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information. 



Without your knowledge and consent, we are powerless. We can’t do anything about your Personal information except what is otherwise permitted by the law or required by the same. When you provide us any important information about yourself, it is always a choice you make.

But this will go in a different direction when you choose not to disclose anything to us. Doing so will limit our ability to provide your requests with respect to our offered products or services. Thus, keeping you from enjoying the perceived benefits and advantages they are supposed to bring along. 

Limiting Collection

Each piece of Personal Information our system will collect from you will be limited to serving the purpose we deemed necessary and identified by us. Your consent will allow us to collect your Personal Information in a variety of ways, as can be done in person, via email correspondence, facsimile or over a telephone call.